COVID Procedures

Enhanced Health and Safety measures are in place to protect our children and our community

We want you- to help us, keep you and our space safe!

Please do not visit the centre if you are experiencing any flu like symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone that has COVID.

Sanitizing and hand washing is critical – Please be sure to practice proper hand hygiene especially before or after snack.

This is a vaccinated playing environment, all staff is fully vaccinated.


  • Masks are recommended but are not mandatory when visiting our facility
  • If you choose to wear a mask, great
  • If you choose to not wear a mask, great
  • If you choose to start off with a mask and later take it off, great
  • We’re happy to have everyone and are excited to see you. Mask or no Mask
  • All Visitors are required to check in at the front desk


  • Parents and children are required to self-screen and monitor for any flu like symptoms prior to your play time
  • Please do not visit the centre if you, or your child have any flu like symptoms
  • Entry will be declined if there is any visible flu like symptoms present

Space Set-Up and Physical Distancing

  • Physical distancing will not be enforced by our staff it is your responsibility to play together at a safe distance
  • You are welcome to use visual cues to promote physical distancing for your children
  • You are welcome to promote fun play as a group
  • Food is welcome and to be enjoyed in our eating areas NO NUTS please

Equipment and Toy Usage and Restrictions

  • All toys and equipment are made of materials that can be cleaned and disinfected
  • Toys and equipment will be cleaned and disinfected at a minimum between plays
  • Mouthed toys should will be cleaned and disinfected immediately after
  • Frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a day (for example, doorknobs, water fountain knobs, light switches, toilet and faucet handle